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Photography Summer Camp at Healthy Planet, Noida

SKU: June Summer Camp 6-12 Years

Enroll your kid for this summer fun, help them explore their creativity and imagination.

For kids 6-12 years, our photography summer camp has both Introductory and DSLR workshops that are age appropriate, sparking their creativity and imagination.

There are interactive sessions, photography activities, photo projects and exhibit by the participants.


Photography Summer Camp for Kids 6-12 Years

17, 18, 19, 20 & 21 June 2024

Healthy Planet, Noida

English & Hindi Both

6-9 Years Camp Details

Little Shutterbugs Photography Camp

(5 Sessions, 2 Hours Each, Total 10 Hours, INR 5,000/-)

Introduce your kid to Photography, help them explore their creativity & imagination.
1. Introduction to Photography

(a) Introduction to concepts of photography – simplified for kids
(b) Photography trivia, fun facts and more

2. PinHole Camera Making

(a) Hands-on craft activity that introduces kids to the principles of photography in a fun and interactive way.

3. Light and Shadow Play

(a) Kids to explore the effects of light and shadow in their photos. Playing with flashlights & mirrors to manipulate light, and experimenting with shadows and reflections.

4. Portrait Photography

(a) Tips and tricks, Do’s & Don’ts to capture creative pictures of their families and friends.

5. Photo Exhibit & Felicitations

(a) Photo submission that allows them to contribute their own captions, stories, and reflections to accompany their photos.
(b) Photo exhibition of their submission followed by felicitation

9-12 Years Camp Details

Discover Your DSLR Photography Camp

(5 Sessions, 2 Hours Each, Total 10 hours, INR 6,500/-)

Does your child know how to operate a Camera (DSLR)?  Enroll them to explore the gadget & their perspective.
1. Exploring the Camera – Functions & Settings

(a) Gain a comprehensive understanding of different types of cameras, particularly DSLRs, exploring their components and functionalities

2. Exploring Light

(a) Understanding natural light, experimenting with shadows & patterns
(b) Creative light painting

3. People Portraits

(a) Exploring portrait photography – subjects
(b) Tips and tricks, Do’s & Don’ts to capture creative pictures of their families and friends

4. Creative Exploration for Photography Project

(a) Exploring the genres of photography and selecting any one for their project

5. Photography Project Exhibit & Felicitations

(a) Presenting their individual photography projects and photo exhibition by the participants