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We head out for a walk with kids and encourage them to take photos of everything that catches their eye. Initiated with a quick introduction to photography basics.

Photography as a skill & art form has some very unique benefits:

  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem that comes with learning a new skill
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Aids in processing their emotions and self-expression
  • Visual art activities help develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Uplifts mood and increases happiness
  • Understanding history of photography – simplified for kids
  • Photography trivia, fun facts and more
  • Introduction to the concept of photography as a medium to express themselves and help the artist in them grow
  • Help them channelise their imagination into creative pictures
  • Tips and tricks to capture creative pictures of their families and friends
  • Do’s & Don’ts of clicking portraits
  • Stories are an integral part of childhood and this workshop will guide the kids how to tell a story through pictures

This photo walk spans a total of 2 hours. We’ll start with introducing photography basics to kids and then capturing everything on our walk route.

Any camera would work, be it your phone camera or a DSLR or any other camera equipment.

A curious kid willing to explore around with any kind of camera.

This is a beginner level photo walk, we’ll introduce some photography basics to kids before the walk.

Yes, every child will be provided with a certificate of participation.

Since this is basic beginner level photo walk, where kids will capture things they like on the walk, they can use any smartphone with a good camera as well.

Photography Workshop For Kids ages 7-12 Years